Jahcobie Cosom

Class of 2012
School of Film/Video BFA

I remember Obama winning the election while we all were stifled in to a lounge in the undergrad dorms. It was a win. A beautiful collection of color, different minds and most of all creatives. We danced, we chanted, we loved and we hugged. Those fleeting moments we keep in our hearts because one thing we know best is to lead in dignity and trust beyond the eye can see.

Hippie Hill–the dirt spoken love that our musicians played on. I think about the Annex parties, we shake and then move the world left. The debates about “is it art” energized and love getting into LA. I had 2 films from out 4 years be on a big screen and I showed out- because black people are goals. The Black Collective, Migente Film Club, and Black student union- I love you. Student council pushing policy. I was a trustee and throw my hand in the air because I represented.

I came down with cancer and the hope of being whole came back to CalArts. I am a warrior. From Cap to Black I’m so proud of my tribe- there will be so many bumps you hold, take action and let go. Let the arts sing as we rise after COVID. Let the arts sing as we rise to every moment. Let the arts be our hand so CalArtians can lift each other again and again. We are fierce warriors- now let us fight to secure #1