Image of Shaharoh Chism, Rosa Evangelina and Bar Landau.

Shaharoh Chism

Class of 2022
School of Music MFA

The three of us somehow became Big Sur. While it began as an inside joke, people who hung around us know that we took it so far, making Big Sur music videos, Big Sur karaoke, crafting Big Sur puns and finding any way and every way to add it to our conversations and text messages. I don’t quite know exactly when or how it happened but the next I knew, I was having the best of times with Rosa Evangelina and Bar Landau.

These two humans made surviving my last semester at CalArts possible with so much fun, love and laughter since I had a mountain of homework and projects to complete, recitals to rehearse for and my heart was heavy from my beloved cat surviving a serious illness. Bar was an exchange student from Germany but somehow, they ended up graduating alongside us! This picture warms my heart so much and will always remind me of a beautiful moment with my beautiful friends. Big Surs for life!