Socks Whitmore

Class of 2020
School of Music BFA

I remember sitting in the Wave Cave on gallery night at a lube tasting bar. I remember learning to make pizzas and pies in the kitchen of Mom’s CafĂ© under the watchful eye of the breadmaking club. I remember reinventing my understanding of what theater could be at a slumber party-themed immersive experience in the Irene. I remember being blown away in the MOD by the VR and AR experiences on display for the Digital Arts Expo. I remember a haunted house installation in the Mint in the middle of February. I remember volunteering at the World Music Festival at the concessions stand and snacking on popcorn as I watched our incredible ensembles at work. In 2020, I remember on the day of what would have been my graduation, driving up to campus so that the music school faculty could scream “congratulations” and throw candy through our car windows because dammit we still graduated.