Image of Todd Pimentel, Sharon Disney Lund, and CalArts students

Todd Pimentel

Class of 1991
School of Theater BFA

I was honored to be Student Trustee (1990-1991) and serve on the Student Government Council for the 1990/1991 academic school year. It was the first time the students recognized trustees for their contributions to student life on campus, including scholarships, equipment and more.

The photo memory is from honoring Sharon Disney Lund during a student-only lunch time event. A few years later, the dance theatre was named in honor of Sharon Disney Lund. I will never forget when we gave the card to Sharon, with a hundred thank you signatures on it, she said, “I love it, but did you really have to use a photo with my ex-husband in it?” She laughed and said, “Well, Bill was a part of it.”